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The conference on "The Crisis in Finance" was organized by Hyman P. Minsky, Distinguished Scholar at the Institute and research director of its public policy program on The Reconstitution of the Financial Structure.


The participants in this Policy Forum on "The Nature and Necessity of Financial Reform," transcribed here, included the following distinguished representatives from academia, business and the public sector:

Richard Aspinwall, Chief Economist, The Chase Manhattan Bank,

Benjamin Friedman, William Joseph Maier Professor of Political Economy, Harvard University

Albert Hart, Professor Emeritus of Economics, Columbia University,

S. Jay Levy, Chairman of the Board of Governors, the Jerome Levy Economics Institute,

Hyman P. Minsky, Distinguished Scholar, the Jerome Levy Economics Institute, and Professor Emeritus of Economics, Washington University in St Louis,

Gary Stern, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, and Member of the Federal Reserve's Open Market Committee,

James Tobin, Sterling Professor Emeritus of Economics, Yale University; Nobel Prize in Economics, 1981,

Albert Wojnilower, Senior Advisor, First Boston Asset Management.

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