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“Longer Waves in Financial Relations: Financial Factors in the More Severe Depressions," pp. 324-335, The American Economic Review, Vol. LIV, May 1964, No. 3. Papers and Proceedings of the Seventy-Sixth Annual Meeting of the American Economic Assoc., Boston, Ma., Dec. 27-29, 1963.

Also included is a copy from an offprint of the article.

The original paper, prepared for the Assoc.for Evolutionary Economics (AFEE) Session: “Long Wave Cycles II”. Allied Social Science Assoc. (ASSA) Meetings: Westin Hotel: CopleyPlace/Adams Room, Jan. 4, 1994. 2:30 pm, is also posted, as is the paper as it was published in JEI, XXIX, No. 1, March 1995.