Early College Folio


This piece outlines the author's educational concept, Scaffolding Indpendence, and its applications in early college classrooms over nearly a decade. The author also introduces the works of other dynamic, innovative educators—The Scaffolding Indpendence Team—who created educational modules to codify early college teaching practices.

SI Figure 1_2012-2013-strategic-plan-bhsec-newark-goal-4.pdf (106 kB)
Figure 1: 2012-2013 strategic goal #4 for BHSEC Newark

SI Figure 2_2012-2013-strategic-plan-bhsec-newark-goal-5.pdf (113 kB)
Figure 2: 2012-2013 strategic goal #5 for BHSEC Newark

SI Figure 3_2013-2014-strategic-plan-bhsec-newark-goal-3.pdf (52 kB)
Figure 3: 2013-2014 strategic goal #3 for BHSEC Newark

SI Figure 4_peer-review-questionnaire.pdf (51 kB)
Figure 4: Peer review questionnaire

SI Figure 5_9th-grade-chinese-class-participation-rubric.pdf (36 kB)
Figure 5: 9th grade Chinese class participation rubric

SI Figure 6_y1-seminar-class-participation-rubric.pdf (34 kB)
Figure 6: Year 1 Seminar class participation rubric

SI Figure 7_bec-semester-plan-for-class-participation-rubric.pdf (45 kB)
Figure 7: Bard Early Colleges semester plan for class participation rubric

SI Figure 8_scaffolding-independence-visualization.png (539 kB)
Figure 8: Scaffolding Independence visualization

SI Figure 9_early-college-venn-diagram.png (229 kB)
Figure 9: Early College Venn diagram



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