Early College Folio


During the spring semester of 2020, COVID-19 did not stop this group of determined 9th graders at Bard Early College D.C. Together, they embarked on the Black Excellence Project (“BEP @ Bard”) with the partnership of Amateka College Prep. BEP @ Bard provided literacy-instruction while simultaneously teaching Black Excellence: the teaching of historical and contemporary exemplary Black figures who have impacted Washington, D.C. and raised awareness around topics like racism, social justice, and countering anti-Blackness. Throughout instruction, the students learned about multiple Black professionals from a variety of career pathways as they reflected on questions like, “what does Black Excellence mean to you?,” “who is an example of Black Excellence?,” and “are you for Black Excellence?” The culmination of the project was a published book of students’ essays, which centered their voices, their exciting ideas of professional goals and role models, and their critical thoughts about a world that could be if we all celebrated Black Excellence. Abstract authored by Whitney Banyai-Becker, Scholar Activist.

The Insistence of Inclusion_ The Black Excellence Project (1).docx (6986 kB)
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