Early College Folio


Published by the Early College Research Institute, Early College Folio is a digital, open-access academic journal hosted on Bard Digital Commons. The journal is peer-reviewed, and includes articles by faculty and staff at early colleges and other leaders within the movement.

Early College Folio seeks to regularly publish accurate, innovative, and insightful research about early college applications world-wide, focusing broadly on the theory, pedagogy, and contemporary applications of early college models, including early college high schools, early admission, early entrance, and residential early college.

Early College Folio is currently seeking submissions for Volume 3, Issue 1, titled “A Growth MindSTEM for Next Gen.” Early college is grounded in the belief that students should be able to follow their academic interests based not on age, but on ability and readiness. It has made positive changes by increasing access and opportunities for young people, but access alone does not transform attitudes and approaches to teaching and learning in all disciplines. Although positive changes are happening within curriculum and pedagogies in the STEM disciplines across the globe, there is too often a fixed mindset that STEM disciplines are objective, rigid, and elite. This makes STEM appear lacking in humanity and creativity, thus limiting engagement with these disciplines to those who identify with these dominant attitudes. We invite scholars of Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Statistics, Environmental Science, and more to help us change the conversation in this issue of Early College Folio. View the full Call for Submissions here.

Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1 (2024) A Growth MindSTEM for Next Gen