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Published by the Early College Research Institute, Early College Folio is a digital, open-access academic journal hosted on Bard Digital Commons. The journal is peer-reviewed, and includes articles by faculty and staff at early colleges and other leaders within the movement.

Early College Folio seeks to regularly publish accurate, innovative, and insightful research about early college applications world-wide, focusing broadly on the theory, pedagogy, and contemporary applications of early college models, including early college high schools, early admission, early entrance, and residential early college.

Early College Folio is currently seeking submissions for Volume 2, Issue 2, titled “Unconventional Paths to College Education.” The core spirit of the early college idea assumes that diverse student populations need diverse solutions and these solutions may present themselves as unconventional. What are the higher education solutions for students who intellectually mature early and who may not yet meet typical US college admissions requirements? What are the solutions for those students who drop out of secondary schools for various reasons but are now age-wise ready to take on higher education? What are the solutions for those students who are studying out of refugee camps to further their college education goals? What are the solutions for those students who are internally displaced and have lost their identities? We are interested in innovative solutions that institutions around the world come up with to cater to the various multi-dimensional needs of offering college education in a seemingly unconventional approach. We invite you to play with the digital format and presentation of this issue, as how it is published is particularly relevant to the topic. View the full Call for Submissions here.

Current Issue: Volume 2, Issue 1 (2022) Milestones


Editor's Note
K. Yawa Agbemabiese


Celebrating Twenty Years of Early College in NYC by Bard and SUNY ECI
John B. Weinstein, Andrea Soonachan, and Stephen Tremaine