Human-Accelerated Environmental Change


Human-Accelerated Environmental Change


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Dr. Likens obtained a B.S. degree from Manchester College in 1957, and his MS. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1959 and 1962. An instructor and associate professor at Dartmouth College (1963-1969), Dr. Likens moved to Cornell University in 1969, where he was promoted to full professor in 1972 and appointed Charles A. Alexander Professor of Biological Sciences in 1983. Before joining the New York Botanical Garden, Dr. Likens was Chairman of the Section of Ecology and Systematics at Cornell. In addition to his roles with the Botanical Garden, Dr. Likens retains faculty appointments at Yale University (Professor of Biology), Cornell (Adjunct Professor of Ecology and Systematics), and Rutgers University (Professor in the Graduate Field of Ecology). Dr. Likens is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the Royal Swedish

Academy of Sciences (foreign member). He is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a recipient of both a NATO Senior Fellowship and a Guggenheim Fellowship, and the first recipient of the G.E. Hutchinson Award for excellence in research. In addition to numerous other prizes and awards, Dr. Likens has received five honorary doctorates. His work: Dr. Likens is an ecologist best known for his discovery of acid rain in North America. He is a co-director of the Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study, a multidisciplinary ecological analysis of forest, stream, and lake ecosystems in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. An advisor at state, national, and international levels on the ecological effects of air pollution and acid rain, Dr. Likens is author, co-author, or editor of over 300 research articles and ten books.

Gene E. Likens is Vice President of the New York Botanical Garden, and Director of the Institute of Ecosystem Studies at the Mary Flagler Cary Arboretum, Millbrook, New York.

(Text taken from 1991-1992 Distinguished Scientist Lecture Program).


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Human-Accelerated Environmental Change