Probing Into Time


Probing Into Time


Ilya Prigogine


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(This information was taken from the Distinguished Scientist Lecture Series Program 1982-1983).

Dr. Prigogine, Nobel laureate, Professor at the Free University in Brussels, and Director of the Center for statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics at the University of Texas, was born in Moscow. He received a Ph.D. degree from the Free University in Brussels in 1942.

In 1977, Dr. Prigogine won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his contribution to nonequilibrium thermodynamics, particularly the theory of dissipative structures,

He has been Professor at the Free University in Brussels since 1947, and Director of the International Institute of Physics and Chemistry in Solvay, Belgium since 1962.

He has received numerous honors including the Prix Francqui in 1955, Prix Solvay in 1965, the Medal of the French Association for the Advancement of Science in 1975, the Rumford Gold Medal of the Royal Society of London in 1976, and the Descartes Medal of the University of Paris in 1979.

Dr. Prigogine i a member of many societies and academies including the Royal Academy of Belgium, American Academy of Science, and the Royal Society of Sciences of Uppsala, Sweden.

His Work: Dr. Prigogine ha devoted a major part of his life's researches to developing formalisms for describing the nature of nonequilibrium (time-dependent) thermodynamic , with most recent emphasis on the spatial and temporal organization of biological systerns. But his work ha not been limited to the macroscopic aspect of matter and energy. He has, at the same time, devised a statistical mechanical kinetic theory of matter, which di plays the microscopic meaning of irreversible processes. He has also been active in the field of chemical solution , including polymers and isotopic mixture .

His Lecture: November 13, 1982: Probing Into Time



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November 13, 1982

Probing Into Time