Spatial Configurations of Macromolecules


Spatial Configurations of Macromolecules


Paul J. Flory


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(This information was taken from the Distinguished Scientist Lecture Series Program 1981-1982).

Dr. Flory, Nobel laureate and J.G. Jackson - C.J. Wood Professor of chemistry at Stanford University, was born in Sterling, Illinois. He received his B.Sc. degree from Manchester College in Indiana in 7931 and his Ph.D. degree in physical chemistry from Ohio State University in 7934. His long and distinguished scientific career i1tcludes experience in industry, research and the academic community. A leader in the field of polymer behavior, he was the sole recipient of the 7974 Nobel Prize in chemistry. Before joining Stanford in 7967,D r. Flory served as executive director of research at the Mellon Institute in Pittsburgh, was on the faculty of Cornell University and the University of Cincinnati, and did research at DuPont, Standard Oil and Goodyear. His many awards, in addition to the Nobel Prize, include the American Physical Society's High Polymer Physics Prize in 1962, the American Chemical Society's Priestley Medal in 1974, and the National Medal of Science in 7974 . His book, Principles f Polymer Chemistry is a classic in its field, and another book, Statistical Mechanics of Chain Molecules, has been translated into Russian and Japanese.

His Work: Dr. Flory has been a leader in research on the chemistry and physics of giant molecules, or polymers, which make up such materials as natural and synthetic rubber, fibers, and plastics. He first entered this field as a member of the research team under Dr. Wallace H. Carothers of DuPont, whose original investigations led to the discovery of nylon. Dr. Flory's investigations have turned increasingly toward polymers that resemble proteins and other biological materials. He and his collaborators have demonstrated a close resemblance between elasticity of the fibrous proteins in ligaments, blood vessels, tendons, and muscles on the one hand, and of various rubber-like natural and synthetic polymers on the other.

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February 13, 1982

Spatial Configurations of Macromolecules