The Politics of Contraception


The Politics of Contraception


Carl Djerassi




(This information was taken from the Distinguished Scientist Lecture Series Program 1980-81).

Dr. Djerassi was born in Vienna, Austria, received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin, and began his career as a research chemist for the Ciba Pharmaceutical Company. He has held a variety of positions with the Syntex Corporation - - associate director of chemical research, vice-president of research, and director. He is now president of the Zoecon Corporation, which manufactures and markets pet care and agricultural products. Dr. Djerassi taught at Wayne State University and is currently professor of chemistry at Stanford University. Among his awards and honors are: the American Chemical Society Award in Pure Chemistry, the Baekeland Medal, the Chemical Pioneer A ward of the American Institute of Chemists, and the Perkin Medal, awarded by the Society of Chemical Industry. In 1978, Dr. Djerassi was elected to the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

Dr. Djerassi is an authority on the reproductive systems of humans, animals, and insects, and has played a major role in the development of the oral contraceptive. He has written extensively about his areas of interest: the chemistry of natural products such as antibiotics, alkaloids, and steroids; the synthesis of medicinals such as antihistamines and steroidal anti-inflammatory agents; and the applications of physical measurements and computer techniques to organic chemical problems. In his lecture, Dr. Djerassi will discuss "The Politics of Contraception."

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May 23, 1981

The Politics of Contraception