Crosscurrents, March 11, 1983

Crosscurrents, March 11, 1983

Bard College at Simon's Rock


Crosscurrents, volume 3, number 5, March 11, 1983

Dean Olsher, “New Guidelines For Guided Writing” [article explaining new guided writing requirements for moderating students], p. 1

Steve Golan, “Students Submit Designs to Consignment Shop” [article about a local business working with SR’s Graphic Design Workshop], p. 1

photograph of upper campus, illustrating groundhog-predicted fair weather], p. 1

“SR Offers Foreign Exvchange Programs” [article describing the SR exchange program with Swiss students], p. 2

Mark Wilson, “The Financial Scene” [article reporting on the college’s financial shape], p. 3

“Rock Wins NEH Grant” [article], p. 3

Tanya Marcuse, [photograph of Laura Shepard, a mime who performed at SR], p. 3

Nat Gertler, “Cross-Stitches: The Heartfelt Hallucinations Of a Man Half Asleep” [essay about author’s thoughts on extraterrestrial life], p. 4

“Financial Facts” [drawing, a breakdown of the SR budget for 1982-83], p. 4

David Parker, “A Word on Blodgett Evenings” [article reminding students of events held in Blodgett House], p. 5

Mark Wilson, [photograph of forest in winter], p. 5

Sue Finisdore, “Another Word on Peer Counseling” [article about student-staffed, on- campus peer-counseling service], p. 5

“Poems To Spill Face” [poems, one taken from wall in downtown GB], p. 5

“Editorial” [opinion, lamenting the lack of practice pianos available on campus], p. 6

Laura Shannon, “Declaration of a Call For Unification” [essay expressing anger over social injustice], p. 6

Robert Vermast, “Profile: Three Music Teachers” [article introducing three of SR’s music teachers – includes uncredited photographs of the three], p. 8

[drawing, the word “harsh”], p. 9

Dave Parker, “Who Represents You” [article reminding students who their peer representatives are], p. 10

Greg Pruitt, “Theater This Weekend” [article describing upcoming performances at SR], p. 10

personal ads, including a math tutor and a few jokes], p. 11

“What’s Happening in March” [drawing, chart of upcoming events], p. 12