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Scene from history of Rhinebeck ca. 1774. "General Richard Montgomery and his wife, Janet Livingston, plant locust seedlings on what will become the lawn of "Grasmere." The bricks were baked in a home-made kiln. An ox tramples clay near an 18th-century cottage on the south Post Road. General Montgomery was killed leading the assault at Quebec in 1775. His widow completed the house and lived there till 1803, later selling it to her sister, and building Montgomery Place at Annandale." Also in this panel: "A Tory is relieved of his gun while men take the Revolutionary Pledge and drill." (From: "Murals in the Rhinebeck Post Office, 1940"). Mural commissioned for Rhinebeck, NY post office by WPA Section of Fine Arts Art in Public Buildings Program, photographed by C.B. Ross and Edward Campeau.