Carapace (Student Literary Magazine)

Carapace (Student Literary Magazine)

Bard College at Simon's Rock



[illustration], front cover

“Carapace” [title], p. 1

[Simon’s Rock logo], p. 3

“Adesso andiamo al paradiso” [text], p. 4

[photograph], p. 5 [lower pond]

Cici Borgatta, [untitled] [poem], p. 6

Bea Gates, “J U L I E T T A” [poem], p. 7

Bea Gates, [untitled] [poem], p. 8

[illustration] [crashing wave around text], p. 8

Lucy Clark, “April 14, 1912” [text], p. 9

Janie Powers, [untitled] [poem], p. 10

[untitled] [photograph] [person silhouetted in ARC], p. 10

Carol Black, [untitled] [poem], p. 10

[illustration] [drawing of hands], p. 11

Cora V. Foeley, “In October, Upon Finding A Loose Bulb In The Bottom Of The Box” [poem], p. 12

[untitled] [photograph] [student crouched before canvas], p. 13

[untitled] [photograph] [professor and students in classroom], p. 14

Martha Turville, “In Which Tigger Starts A Hobby” [short story], pp. 15-16

Janie Powers, [untitled], poem, p. 17

[illustration], p. 17

Cici Borgatta, [untitled] [poem], p. 18

Cici Borgatta, [untitled] [poem], p. 19

Jessie Colgate, [untitled] [poem], p. 20

Marty Gwinn, [untitled] [poem], p. 20

Katie Knapp, [untitled] [poem], p. 20

[illustration], p. 20

Martha Turville, “That’s That” [poem], p. 21

[illustration] [man in wind facing small bear], p. 22

Linda Jones, “Our Last Farewell” [poem], p. 23

[photograph] [professor], p. 24

Tim Maguire, “M I S T A K E” [personal essay], pp. 25-27

[untitled] [illustration] [abstract faces], p. 28

April Hutchings, “Song Of A Wanderer” [poem], p. 29

Bea Gates, “The Letter” [poem], p. 30

Carol Black, [untitled] [poem], p. 31

[untitled] [illustration] [figure seated with hand in face], p. 32

Cici Borgatta, [untitled] [poem], p. 33

Doreen Young, “The Wasps’ Nest” [short story], p. 34

Ariel Holdsworth, “Satire” [poem], p. 35

[untitled] [photograph] [group of people amidst trees on pathway from tri-dorms to Library], p. 36

Marty Gwinn, [untitled] [short story], p. 37

Marilyn Avery, “Pool of Glass” [poem], p. 38

[untitled] [short story], pp. 39-40

[untitled] [illustration] [abstract shape], p. 41

Carol Black, “Winter Morning Sonnet” [poem], p. 41

Martha Turville, “Snow That Stays” [poem], p. 42

[untitled] [illustration] [abstracted flower], p. 43

Linda Jones, “Rain” [poem], p. 43

Bea Gates, “Your Freedom So Clinging, Your Horror So Weak” [poem], p. 44

Bob Phillips, “Poem Of Evacuation” [poem], pp. 45-48

“Acknowledgments” [acknowledgments: Marjorie Lenk, Dean Ensign, Peter Ostuni, April Hutchings], p. 49

“Editorial Pool” [editorial credits: Fran Beadel, Carol Black, CiCi Borgatta, Lucy Clark, Jan Crossman, Bea Gates, Katie Knapp, Lynne Steinsieck], p. 49

[untitled] [photograph], p. 50

“Love and be silent” [text], p. 51