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There are 3 folders within the overall one with the Econ 204 title from the Fall of 1978. They are a mixture of papers covering a period of over 30 years.

The First has mid term exam questions from 2010, a page from the NYT 5/2/02, a notes to Shaikh from John Sarich, a Shaikh document from 9/25/01 on relative pricing, a Shaikh document from 9/00 on vertically integrated labor costs; a chronology of the publications of Marx & Engels, handwritten notes for Econ 106 for 9/14/02; handwritten notes dated 5/5/77 critiqued by Shaikh.

The Second contains notes both handwritten and typed from 10/7/1976 on the Scope of Marx's Thinking for Econ 204.

The Third folder begins with notes for Econ 104-105, Historical Foundations; has the typewritten copy of an essay by Shaikh titled "Condrete & Abstract Labor" from Eatwell, J., Milgate, M., & Newman, P. K. (1990). The new palgrave : marxian economics. Macmillan Reference; has a photocopy of an essay written by John Cassidy for The New Yorker 1997, "The Return of Karl Marx," then material from 10/14/83 covering "plan Problems: Points," then notes by John Ernst from 1975 on Significant works of Marx in the area of Political Economy after 1850," ending with notes on the structure of Marx's Theory of Surplus Value.

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