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* Page 1 The Bard Center * Page 2 Letters - Editorials o ["I am unsettled. . .to receive computer printouts from. . . WATCHOVIA SERVICES, INC., reminding me that they have my best financial interests at heart."] -Stuart Brown Letters - Editorials o ["21 year old imprisoned college student needs friend to correspond with."] -Kevin Tribute [Cartoon] -Leila Townhouse Terror -George Smith * Page 3 Letter to the Editor o [". . .has the universal fog which inhabits our minds actually gotten so think that it is affecting our vision?"] -S.A. Spencer Hunters!! -Bruce Buchanan E.P.C. Reports * Page 4 Music and Theatre Review o "The Masterbuilder" by Henrik Ibsen + Directed by Eugene Kalish -A.L.F. * Page 5 A Book Review: Bard Catalogue -Dan Eddy Music o Moody Blues - "Octave" + Bruce Renda o Red Patch - "Taking Care of Business" o Rush - "Hemispheres" + Athy Boutis * Page 6 CIA in SAGA Project Self Defense A New Generation at Bard -Kathie DiStefano * Page 7 Energy, Centralization and Decentralization o from "Energy Galore" - Renes Dubos Student Film Elections -Dan Eddy * Page 8 News Briefs o Moonies Kidnapped o Moonies Sue o Townhouse Trouble o The Gargoyles Speak o ICS Report. . .

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December 17th, 1978